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Safety & Resilience

Fire-resistant and built to withstand severe weather events such as high winds and flooding, Comfort Block structures are also mold and mildew resistant and less vulnerable to insects and pests for a healthier living environment.



Built to last for generations, masonry homes require less maintenance and repairs than other building methods and retain greater value over their lifetime.


Speed & Ease of Assembly

Building with Comfort Block is much easier and faster than traditional masonry construction. Precision engineering allows our blocks to be assembled using only adhesive, eliminating the need for mortar. An integrated electrical channel makes it easy to install the electrical system after construction.



Our blocks are manufactured using G-mix®, a low-carbon formula that uses up to 55% recycled content and half of the cement traditionally used to produce concrete blocks.


Controlled, Comfortable Living

Comfort Block’s fully insulated 16” thick concrete walls reduce sound pollution and make it easy to regulate temperature and humidity, creating an extremely quiet and comfortable living space with exceptional energy efficiency.


A Safer, Smarter,
Stronger Way to Build

Not limited to residential construction, Comfort Block has numerous applications for homeowners, builders, and landscapers.


Quickly and easily build durable garages, sheds, outdoor kitchens, free-standing walls, and more with less waste of materials. Precision engineering eliminates the need for mortar, so you don’t have to be a skilled masonry tradesman to assemble a Comfort Block wall or structure.

precision ground concrete wall system


Precision Ground Concrete Blocks for Building Durable Homes Easily

A house should be made of materials that:

  • Protect you from destructive forces, such as wind, fire, insects, and floods
  • Resist mold and rot to keep your living space clean and healthy
  • Are well-insulated to keep you comfortable with maximum energy efficiency.

Quiet &

Sound-reducing & airtight to create the ideal living environment

Hurricane, Tornado &
Wind Resistant

120+ mph wind resistance for protection in severe weather


Save up to 75% per year on heating & cooling bills


16″ thick for maximum efficiency with three layers of internally integrated insulation

Mold & Mildew

Concrete is inorganic, keeping your living space healthy & clean

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Made to last.
Made for you.

We’ve reimagined block laying, opening masonry construction to a new generation of homeowners. Our modernized building system was designed and developed to allow you to easily build an extremely durable structure that will last for generations. Precision engineered to maximize sustainability without sacrificing strength and durability, Comfort Block has a smaller carbon footprint and a lower environmental impact than traditional concrete construction. Our concrete blocks are manufactured using G-mix®, a low-carbon formula that uses up to 55% recycled content and half of the cement traditionally used to produce concrete blocks.