Why Comfort Block

A house is made to keep its occupants comfortable, healthy and protected. At Comfort Block, we believe that homes should also be built to be as safe, durable and efficient as possible.
  • The walls should be thick and strong for a consistent temperature and to protect from extreme weather events such as hurricanes.
  • A house should be made of materials that protect from the elements that destroy homes such as fire, insects, and floods and more importantly resist mold and rot to keep you healthy.
  • It should also be chemical-free and provide the highest quality of air possible.

Comfort Block with its 16” thick concrete walls does exactly that and more, protecting you better than most typical home construction methods.  Once the interior walls are covered with a natural plaster coating, you have a durable wall that will give you an extremely quiet, healthy and tranquil home.

Block Benefits:

Excellent thermal performance

Mold & mildew resistant

Ultra efficient

Termite resistant

Fire resistant

Hurricane & tornado resistant

Extremely quiet & comfortable