We offer a variety of accessories, tools, and supplies to assist you with your next Comfort Block project.

  • Adhesive
  • Mortar Leveling Kits
  • Precast Lintels
  • And More

Mortar Leveling Kit

This leveling system was designed exclusively for precision ground masonry to establish a perfectly level surface of mortar to start the first course of blocks. The system incorporates the use of a laser to ensure that the base is as accurate as the blocks. Simply line up the levelers with a laser and screed mortar between them. It is quick to learn and master, and in no time you will be building a precision ground masonry wall!

Concrete Lintel System

Precast concrete lintels for bridging window and door openings are available to speed construction.

Masonry Adhesive

TREMPRO® PU1000 from TREMCO Construction Products Group has been approved by Comfort Block as the adhesive to assemble our systems.  TREMPRO® PU1000 has been approved under ICC-ES AC362 as an alternative to mortar exclusive to the Comfort Block systems. Developed for use in commercial construction, TREMPRO® PU1000 initially sets within 30 minutes and is fully cured within 24 hours. With a rapid set time, rebar and grout can be installed almost immediately, and higher wall construction can be done in a single day. TREMPRO® PU1000  is easy to use — simply attach the dispenser gun to the can, shake, adjust the flow of the foam adhesive, and apply beads of adhesive to the tops of the blocks. Each can will glue approximately 75 CB-8 blocks.

Kangaroo Can Holder

Protect your adhesive gun investment with a Kangaroo Can Holder, specifically designed to help prevent your adhesive can and applicator gun from falling over. The wide base makes the adhesive can assembly more stable on flat surfaces, while a built-in hook allows for hanging on a Comfort Block wall during construction. The hook is also designed to hang on standard 2” dimensional lumber.


3 Easy Steps

Construct the wall.


Install the utilities.


Apply architectural finishes.


Installation Resources

View our step-by-step guides and installation videos and see just how simple it is to build with Comfort Block.